[CheapShow Magazine issue #16]

The digital version of CheapShow Magazine #16 (‘Eggy Edition’) became available to all CheapShow Patrons on april 16, 2023. The print edition became available on july 20, 2023.

While on the Subject: Eggs (with Mr. Biffo), Off Brand / Brand Off: Surprise Eggs, Quote Mining, Mysterious QR codes, From the Floor (Comic), Interview: Ethan Lawrence, Gannon’s Froth Shop, Monkey Sea Monkey D’oh!, Top Eggs*, The Price of Shite, Obligatory Noodle pages, Cart-toons (Eggy Edition), Gannon’s Golden Games: Games with Eggs, Silverman’s Platter, Eli’s Shelf, Don’t get Mad, The Uncliqueables. *Exclusive to the print edition of CM.

[Amount of Pages]

30+1 (Digital) /  32+1 (Print)

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[Including artwork by…]

Page Branson, Tony Vorrath, Tom Johnston and Siobhan Beer

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