What YOU say…

The Magazine like no other? Maybe!

CheapShow Magazine was first published in 2018. It since spawned 14 issues (well, 13…one is still roaming around the nether) and a ‘Sticky! album’. Its main theme? The UK ‘Economy Comedy’ podcast CheapShow, hosted by Paul Gannon and Eli Silverman. The magazine tries to expand the CheapShow universe with articles relating to vinyl/music, board & video games, gadgets/toys from bygone eras, retro TV, charity shops, exotic snacks and drinks, comic books/anime, movies/films, horror/mystery/comedy…and hey even noodles get a look in!

What you say!

Tommy:¬† “It was brilliant. A really good read, amazingly sourced interviews, really captures the flavour of the pod, and as a veteran of of producing hundreds of small-run magazines over fifteen years, I can see the time, care and effort that has gone into it on a technical level.”

Daph: “So I’ve just finished reading this month’s @cheapshowpod magazine and I’d say it’s probably better than the pod cast . Honestly they are next level amazing…”