[CheapShow Magazine issue #12]

The digital version of CheapShow Magazine #12 (‘Potluck Edition’) became available to all CheapShow Patrons on october 1st, 2021. The print edition also launched in october 2021 and comes with a free cover gift. The print edition will have four more pages than the digital version (28 instead of 24).

Paul’s Retro Toy Corner, Quote Mining, From Russia with Love (Cheap Eats), Mysterious QR codes, From the Floor (Comic), Interview: Koji Nishikawa, Obligatory Noodle pages, The Price of Shite, Recipe or Disaster: The Crocker files, The Pinnacle, Tasty ‘Rasers, Board game: Kitchen Rush, The Brewhouse, Silverman’s Platter, Eli’s Novelty Eraser Corner, Don’t get Mad, The Uncliqueables.

[Amount of Pages]

28 (+1 bonus), including (back)cover

[Cover Gift]

Iwako Noodle Pot eraser

[Including artwork by…]

Page Branson and Tony Vorrath

[Sample pages]