[CheapShow Magazine issue #11]

The 11th edition of CheapShow Magazine (‘S.O.S. Edition’) became available to all CheapShow Patrons on april 5th, 2021. The print edition became available in october 2021 and has four extra pages  (28 instead of 24).


Paul’s Retro Toy Corner, Quote Mining , Little Shop of Delights, What Episode was that again? volume 10, Trivia, From the Floor (Comic), Interview: Sooz Kempner, Mysterious QR codes, Fishy Business, Obligatory Noodle page, The Price of Shite, Don’t get Mad, Board game: Ghostly Galleon, Private Strip Show part 1: the Mini-Movi and Micro Movie Viewer, The Pinnacle, The Brewhouse, Silverman’s Platter, Eli’s Novelty Eraser Corner, The Uncliqueables.

[Amount of Pages]

28 (+1 bonus), including (back)cover

[Cover Gift]

Jellyfish pin badge

[Including artwork by…]

Page Branson, Tony Vorrath and Jeremiah Blackstone

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