[CheapShow Magazine issue #5]

The Fifth edition of CheapShow Magazine (‘Sweetie Edition’) was originally released on february 22nd, 2019 for CheapShow patrons. Print editions became available in april 2019.


Pauls Retro Toy Corner, Quote Mining , From the Floor (Comic), What Episode was that again? volume 5: Female Alter egos, Interview: Chris Bullock, Trivia, Barshens competition, Cheap Eats, The Price of Shite, Fan(tastic) art, Mysterious QR codes, Gannon’s Froth Shop, Making the Mag: Behind the scenes @ CheapShow Magazine, Love Letters, Obligatory Noodle page, Silverman’s Platter, Eli’s Novelty Eraser Corner, The Uncliqueables (links).

[Amount of Pages]

24(+1 bonus), including (back)cover

[Sample pages]