Ordering / Disclaimer


  • Pre-orders for CheapShow #300 Live double/quadruple magazine packs have opened! See the order page.
  • Issue #8 currently SOLD OUT! Issues 1-7 will NOT be reprinted and are available until stock lasts.
  • The CheapShow magazines 1-12 are available to order for £3.99 each. This price point is based on the limited (=expensive) amount of issues printed. If you want to help to bring the price down (like buying a small lot in advance) get in touch. Each (A4) magazine has a lovely thick 250g silk paper cover and is professionaly printed by a printing company. Issues 6-12 come with free of charge cover gifts.

[Signed copies]

The magazines are currently being printed and shipped from The Netherlands. This makes signed copies (by Paul & Eli) difficult. There are currently a few signed issues in stock (these are: issue #1 and issue #10). If you want the editor to sign the magazine herself, please send a message from the order page.


Shipping worldwide. Combined shipping = less expensive, 2&3-packs are available. Check out the order page.


Unofficial CheapShow Magazine is an unofficial publication created with permission from the CheapShow Podcast. The views in the Unofficial CheapShow magazine are not necessarily those of Paul Gannon and Eli Silverman. The CheapShow Logo remains property of www.thecheapshow.co.uk and is used with permission.