[CheapShow Magazine issue #4]

The fourth issue CheapShow Magazine (‘Noel Edition’) was originally released on december 21st, 2018 for CheapShow patrons. Print editions became available in february 2019.


Pauls Retro Toy Corner, Quote Mining , Page 3+1 Model: Christmas, What Episode was that again? volume 4: 2018 Key moments, Interview: Stuart Ashen, Trivia, Pull-some-Strings competition, Cheap Eats, Crafty Bastards, Story of the One Armed snowman, The Price of Shite: Mega Edition, Fan(tastic) art, Mysterious QR codes, Under the Tree, 2018 CheapShow Lookback,  Eli’s Novelty Eraser Corner, The Uncliqueables (links).

[Amount of Pages]

24, including (back)cover

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