[CheapShow Magazine issue #2]

The second issue CheapShow Magazine (‘Summer Edition’) was originally released on july 20th, 2018 for CheapShow patrons. That digital version had 16 pages. Attendees of the CheapShow Live Shows  (Episodes #100 and #101) got this (24 page) print edition.


Pauls Retro Toy Corner, Quote Mining , Page 3 Model: Paul Gannon, What Episode was that again? volume 2: Noodle Tests, Interview: Eli Silverman, Trivia, Ooh even more tiny men!, The Price of Shite, Fan(tastic) art, Mysterious QR codes, Obligatory Noodle Page, Sand in Your Brain (Puzzle pages), The Brewhouse, The Man in your dreams, Don’t get Mad, Life Hacks: Stay Dry/Get Wet, Silverman’s Platter,  Cheap Eats, Board Games and the Like, Eli’s Novelty Eraser Corner, The Uncliqueables (links).

[Amount of Pages]

24, including (back)cover.

[Sample Pages]