[CheapShow Magazine issue #14]

The digital version of CheapShow Magazine #14 (‘Framed Edition’) became available to all CheapShow Patrons on march 18, 2022. The print edition was first available from the CheapShow #300 Live Show (august 13, 2022).

While on the Subject: Comic Books (with Ash Frith), Off Brand / Brand Off: Oreo’s, Quote Mining, Mysterious QR codes, From the Floor (Comic), Interview: Bill Morrison (of Disney, Simpsons/Futurama/Bongo Comics & MAD Magazine fame), Obligatory Noodle pages, The Price of Shite, Lesser Seen Lines (featuring Mafalda, Shubeik Lubeik, Gaston Lagaffe, Diabolik, Ninku and more), Cart-toons (Games based on cartoons), Private Strip Show: GAF Cinemaster, The Pinnacle, Gannon’s Golden Games (Board game: Kamen no Ninja Akakage), Silverman’s Platter, Eli’s Shelf, Go get Mad, The Uncliqueables.

[Amount of Pages]

28+1 (Digital) /  32+1 (Print)

[Cover Gift]


[Including artwork by…]

Bill Morrison, Page Branson and Tony Vorrath

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