[CheapShow Magazine issue #1]

Cheapshow Magazine issue 1

The very first issue CheapShow Magazine (‘Patron Edition’) was originally released on april 30th, 2018 for CheapShow patrons. No printed editions have been produced before, bar 5 ‘proof’ copies. 


Pauls Kitteh Corner, Quote Mining , Page 3 Model: Eli Silverman, What Episode was that again? volume 1: Brand off / Off brand, Interview: Paul Gannon, Trivia, Ooh tiny men! Competition, Fan(tastic) art, Mysterious QR codes, The Price of Shite, Spooky Story, Don’t get Mad, Tales from the Shop Floor, Board Games and the Like, Life Hacks: Cheap Hotels, Test: Are you Cheap enough?, Obligatory Noodle page, Cheap Eats, Eli’s Novelty Eraser Corner, Links.

[Amount of Pages]

16, including (back)cover

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