[CheapShow Magazine issue #7]

The Seventh edition of CheapShow Magazine (‘WorldWide Edition’) became available to all CheapShow Patrons on july 12, 2019. The print version (+ free cover gift) became available on august 27th,  2019.


Pauls Retro Toy Corner, Quote Mining , Cheap Eats: Chocolate Special, From the Floor (Comic), What Episode was that again? volume 7: Locations, Trivia, Mr. Biffo’s Holiday Tips, CheapSkate World Tour, The CheapShow Reality Tour, Mysterious QR codes, Obligatory Noodle page, The Price of Shite, The Quiz of Random Global Knowledge, Silverman’s Platter, Eli’s Novelty Eraser Corner, The Uncliqueables.

[Amount of Pages]

24(+1 bonus), including (back)cover

[Cover Gift]

24 page Asian shopping booklet

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